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How to incorporate a limited liability company in… A Practical Guide


Led by Carlo Gurioli, the WLN Corporate M&A Focus Group have created a practical guide for clients interested in how to incorporate an LLC in different jurisdictions.

Since its first publication, the guide has been updated with information information for Bulgaria, Denmark, England, and the Netherlands.

Please open and download the guide by clicking on the link to the right of this webpage.

You can keep up to date with the Corporate M&A group and the other groups by checking the  Focus Group page on the website. Latest versions of our guides will be available to download from that webpage.

We thank the Corporate M&A Focus Group and all who contributed to this guide:

Carlo Gurioli, Gautam Khurana, Mario Van Santvoort, Peter Van Eysendeyk, Jackie Wu, Jessica Wejmeier, Andras Reinhardt, Dr. Reká Katona, Khor See Lin, Andrew Silverman, Duc Dang, Frank Neldner, Abhiskek Hans, Sanjeev Ahuja, Silvio Cilia, Steen Rosenfalck, Atacan Atalan, Cem Kaspi, Aslihan Erdem, Steven Jacob, Georg Kalbauer, Oldrich Baroch, Thuy Nguyen, Celal Can Doganci, Slavi Mikinski, Sjef Bartels, Jelmer Feenstra.


For further information about this guide or about the Corporate M&A Focus Group, please contact:

Carlo Gurioli , Partner

desk Plattner, Bolzano

e: moc.renttalpuaerub@iloirug.olrac

t: +39 0471 222500


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