Grievance procedure

Labré advocaten is committed to act in the best interests of its clients at all times. In the event that you, as our client, are unsatisfied with aspects of the services provided, and you are still unsatisfied after discussing the matter with your lawyer at Labré advocaten, you can file an official complaint with Labré advocaten. An official complaint must be in writing and addressed to “the Complaint Officer at Labré advocaten”.

An official complaint may concern the behaviour of your lawyer, the quality of the services provided or the amount of the invoice.

Your official complaint will be handled by our Complaint Officers, Ramon Ridder and Tim Boer. The following procedure will be applied.

The Complaint Officer will confirm in writing, within seven days of receipt of the complaint, that the complaint has been received and is being dealt with, and that every effort will be made to provide you with a substantive response within one month of the written confirmation of receipt.

The substance of the complaint will be discussed with your lawyer and/or the responsible partner; this will also be indicated in the confirmation of receipt of your complaint. If necessary, the Officer may gather further information from you, and discuss this with your lawyer and/or the responsible partner.

If, after receipt of the written response from the Complaint Officer, you wish to continue with your complaint, the Complaint Officer may decide to provided a further substantive response, within a reasonable period. Depending on the nature of your complaint, he or she may also refer you to the Dean of the Bar Association in Amsterdam or the District Court in Amsterdam.

Labré advocaten has a legal obligation to insure against risk or damages caused by professional errors. Please note that any liability of Labré advocaten and its lawyers is limited at all times to the amount eligible for payment in the individual case in question under the firm’s professional liability insurance policy. Furthermore the General Terms and Conditions of Labré advocaten, which can be found on this website, apply to all services provided by Labré advocaten and its lawyers.