You need room and opportunity to excel. That is why you are deliberate in selecting your partners.

Partners who are just as ambitious as you are. Partners you trust, who keep you focused and, where necessary, who do not avoid to challenge you, to make the difference for you. That is why you choose to work with us.

We are Labré.

Labré focuses on businesses. We believe in specialization, without losing sight of the bigger picture. We have made a well-considered choice to focus on specialities that every business encounters:

The lawyers of Labré are professional, reliable and accessible. Deadly serious when they have to be, but definitely not dull. With a hint of stubbornness perhaps. We focus on solutions, not on problems.

We provide you with tailored, clear-cut and practical advice that lets you get on with the job in hand, because we understand the choices you are faced with as an entrepreneur. Day after day.


Labré is internationally oriented. We are accustomed to communicating in several foreign languages, including English, German and Italian. We also have extensive experience with foreign owned companies and their foreign owners.

We make use of Warwick Legal Network (WLN) in cases involving foreign law. WLN is the international association of independent law firms with which Labré is affiliated. WLN is actively involved in 29 countries.