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Legal Coffee is a virtual project within the Warwick Legal Network. Chair of the Board,  Renata W. Lewicka meets lawyers from around the world for a cup of coffee while discussing interesting topics. You’ve never been this close to lawyers from Europe, Asia and America.

The first Legal Coffees saw Renata discussing properties in Italy with  Domizia Badodi from Themis Studio Legale , and Spain with  Martin Pech from Bufete Mañá-Krier-Elvira

Intrigued?! You can watch these two Legal Coffees on the new  WLN YouTube Channel here !

More Legal Coffees will be coming soon so look out for new posts here and on LinkedIn.


For further information on Legal Coffees, please contact:

Renata W. Lewicka , Partner

Gorazda, Świstuń, Wątroba i Partnerzy adwokaci i radcowie prawni, Kraków

e: renata.lewicka@gsw.com.pl


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