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Jorge Mañá Award winner, Pietro Bonaparte, shares his experience of working in in Reggio Emilia!


Let me start by saying that I was eagerly looking forward to the Jorge Mañá Award exchange.

Not only because my stay in Italy felt like coming home to me, but also because I was eager to lay a foundation for future cooperation with Italian colleagues for the benefit of the network.

Looking back afterwards, I can only say that I had a very pleasant time in Reggio Emilia. It simply couldn’t go wrong.

I was warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by my colleagues at Themis Studio Legale upon my arrival at the office on 3 April 2023.
In the absence of colleague Alessandra Davoli, I was allowed to use her, the office’s largest, presidential-looking room.

In honour of my of arrival, we all had a drink together with a delicious Tuscan red wine and did an aperitivo. I enjoyed delicious regional specialities such as ‘Erbazzone Tradizionale’ and of course ‘Parma ham’. I immediately felt very appreciated by my Italian colleagues.

Yes, without a doubt. It wasn’t just la bella vita. During the day, it was just plain hard work. Also because I had deadlines to meet. When my working day was over and I left the office, my Italian colleagues were sometimes still there working till late.

There were also opportunities to collaborate with colleagues. I worked with colleague Paola Prati on the assessment of a project agreement between European companies subsidised from Europe. That was bulky and complex work, but challenging and therefore fun.

I had a very good click with colleagues Eduardo Degli’Incerti Tocci, Alessandra Davoli and Benedetta Della Salda.

We really talked about everything, from serious topics such as the differences between the Dutch and Italian legal systems, advocacy and politics to small talk about family, sports and experiences.

A special thanks to Domizia Badodi. She is undoubtedly an extraordinary lawyer. Besides working as a lawyer, she works as a disciplinary judge in the Disciplinary Tribunal for the Legal Profession and teaches criminal law at the University of Parma.

I was allowed to join her at a court hearing in Reggio Emilia, where she introduced me to the Italian judges. What a nice experience that was! I was sometimes perplexed by the differences with the Netherlands, though.

I would like to thank Benedetto and Cecilia for the cosy lunch and coffee breaks. I would like to wish them all the best for the future and I am sure the both will become fantastic lawyers!

To all board members of Warwick Legal Network, colleagues at Themis Studio Legale and my own employer Keizers Advocaten I simply say ‘Grazie’ for this great experience.

A wonderful future collaboration lies ahead, no doubt for that.


For further information, please contact:

Pietro Bonaparte, Lawyer

Keizers Advocaten, Eindhoven

e:  ln.netacovdasreziek@etrapanob.p

t:  +31 (0)6 15 43 85 06


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