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Labré advised the shareholders of OutSmart in the sale of their shares to Visma

Labré advised the shareholders of OutSmart International B.V. in the sale of all their shares in the company to Visma. OutSmart focuses on digitalizing work order documents and the automation of financial and ERP-systems. The acquisition of OutSmart fits well in Visma’s mission to simplify and automate work processes within companies. In turn, OutSmart can continue to develop its software and grow with Visma’s support.

Press release:

Sellers were advised by a team of Labré lawyers consisting of Carry Dullaart, Jordi de Pijper, Ron Andriessen and Liza Krijgsheld.

For more information or questions about the above, please contact mr. Sjef Bartels, mr. Carry Dullaart, mr. Mayk Koria, mr. Jordi de Pijper, mr. Jelmer Feenstra , mr. Jaap van der Steenhoven or mr. Laura Pordon of the Corporate Law section.

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